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Do the perscription filling robots put the drugs in the bottles and then put on the labels, or do they label the bottle first and then put the drugs in.

It would seem smarter to put the labels on first and then have the separate filling machine use the lable to select the drug. This would prevent there being little unlabeled bottles full of pills running around. It would also prevent a chain of disasters if the bottles of pills and the labels got out of sync if, say a bottle popped out of the conveyor or whatever.


(P.S. long time, no post. 8-)
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I wish you would call. I have some facts you need to hear. No, none of that god stuff. No nothing new-age. Just some facts and observations that will answer a number of your questions.

I have no way to contact you, nor anyone in your life. It's up to you whether you want the help.

-- Some other Rob...

Kink County Elections Violate Federal Law

So I got delayed at work, scrambled to find a stamp, and get to the post office. I get there before 8:00 pm and find that its last collection time was 5:00pm. So I drive to another and find its collection time is 5:30pm. So I call the 206-296-VOTE number on my ballot and nobody is answering the phone.

I just mail the thing. It's after 8:00 now. Horse. Door. Barn.

When I get home I find that on the back of the envelope that the ballot _came_ _in_ is the notice that you can return your ballot to special drop boxes by 8:00. The offered ways to find those drop boxes is to check in your "voters pamphlet" (which I left home this morning since I didn't think I'd need it), go to a web site and search for drop-boxes (hard to do while driving, especially if you don't have an expensive iPhone), or call the phone number nobody answered that didn't have any automated message mentioning drop boxes or anything.

My nearest drop box was, by the way, located in a shopping center that has a big Chinese food place and a McDonalds but not any sort of municipal feature (like say a post office).

If the drop boxes had been, say, chained to the drive-by mail boxes at the post offices then the whole "don't actually need a stamp" and "likely to be found while looking to 'vote by mail'" bases would have been covered.

So I was effectively charged 44cents to not have my vote counted because my "polls" closed early.

I can't be the only person in the county to make one or more of these mistakes.

Quick Poll: did _you_ know about the drop boxes that would let you vote for free? Do you think that providing a total of _ELEVEN_ such drop boxes for a county with something like 2 million people in it grants the reasonable expectation of voting for free?

The envelopes should have been postage-paid (I'm pretty sure the county would get a bulk rate, and they would only pay for the ballots not dropped off at the 11 convenient drop-box locations).

"Vote By Mail" should have been the _second_ option listed instead of plastered all over the ballots with one mention of "[star]NEW[/star]blah blah free option".


So every good book seems to make at least one significant mistake. For soulless, the only annoyance in virtually the whole book was that the author didn't do any canine research.

The "play bow", where a dog/wolf extends its front paws and lowers its head while leaving its butt in the air is not a submission posture. It is not "exposing the back of the neck". It is an invitation to play and specifically says "the following doesn't mean anything besides a little fun".

Yea, it's a tiny thing, but in the midst of such a good book, it was annoying to find that one thing just sitting there like a speed bump.

Victorian Era Vampire must-reading for girls

Well, since some of you may have not filtered me... I picked up the book "Soulless" by Gail Carriger at a tiny book store while stuck in Maryland on business. It is smart and witty and really damn good.

This is a strange and somewhat wonderful book. Strong female lead, absolutely Victorian sensibilities (and setting) or at least a good romantic version of same (I am no expert) right down to the use of Miss and Mister last_name_here in the interstitials and descriptives, instead of just the dialog. All while remaining entertaining and well paced.

It is the first of at least two books in a series, e.g. the Alexia Tarabotti Novels. (A.K.A "the parasol protectorate" according to the little logo on the spine.)

If you like _any_ of Victorian (anything) or vampires or werewolves or strong female characters this is a must read.

The cover(s) are not terribly impressive, and the blurbs are a trifle urbane compared to the actual content, but don't let that fool you. Good stuff so far.

Haven't gotten to the ending yet, so there still could be defeat in the jaws of this victory, but so far it is outstanding.

Dear TSA, thank you for the bleeding anus.

I hope you feel you have done the nation a great service by protecting the national transportation infrastructure from my two-to-three ounces of generic Ky jelly. I understand the need for caution, the transparent and clearly almost empty, flattened tube threatened us all with its ability to hold up to six ounces of unholy thicksatropic unguent was a clear and present danger to our entire way of life.

Clearly I could have taken the offensive tube to the gelignite dispenser found inside the security perimeter of Washington Dulles International Airport and filled the unused volume with deadly chemical fury!

The physical and chemical damage to my nether regions is just sacrifice in the name of the global serenity.

And yes, I know I must surely be lying about my medical need for such a substance, as I needed to say something to cover the embarrassment of having something labeled a "personal lubricant", because such a product so clearly had pure sexual devilment in mind in its genesis. I clearly deserve stern treatment merely for possessing such filth. In this country it is so much more proper to claim inflammatory bowel disease as a cover rather than admit the existence of sexuality, so any such claim is prima-facia cause to look on me with disapproval.

So TSA... Every time I think if my asshole, I will think of you... Carry on the stellar work!

P.S. When you told me that I had the option to go back and _check_ the tube of lubricant through to my destination, I think you totally missed the point where a rectal poultice has its usefulness measured in no small part by features of proximity. Though the moment I took to picture the tiny tube making its way through the baggage handling system, outstripped by the size of the bar-code sticker, only to languish making slow lonely circles at the SeaTac baggage claim left me sorely tempted to do that very thing. But they would have made me put it in some sort of box, and there was no way I could attach your identity to the absurd idea, so I said "just throw it away". I hope you caught the scorn, but I doubt it made any impact. Surely you know how ridiculous it is to strip people of their toiletries in the name of Security Theater. If you don't, no level of scorn or reason can possibly pierce the carapace of your stupidity.
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A tasty something... I don't know what...

Get a can of solid white tuna packed in water. Press out all the water and put in bowl. Break up tuna and then add three eggs. Mix up, trying for a thickened batter with big tuna lumps in it. Add sea salt, black pepper, smidgens of Herbs du Provence and "Italian seasoning", then like that much again of tarragon. Mix well. Treat like hash-browns in med-hot skillet.

Enouhg Twilight Already.

Several years ago I "challenged" Mickey to re-write the Anita Blake books for the teen furry audience. I did this just to make her winge at the possibility of dealing with the fans that it would generate.

Apparently the _real_ reason she wouldn't do it was because Mrs Meyers already had, and since her "vampires" sparkle, hang around schools, and engage in emotionally abusive pedophilia, there is no way Mickey could have topped her for reaching the bottom of the barrel.

But now it's all spilling into congress and the supreme court.

Enough already.